Day 2 of Construction and a visit to the Garbage Dump……

June 10, 2011 at 5:43 am Categories: Peru, Short Term Missions

Today started about 6:45am – we got up and dressed (somewhat slowly after double construction yesterday), had fresh pineapple juice, fresh breads, cantaloupe, bananas, and scrambled eggs, after that we had a little devotion on do-ing justly, loving mercy, and walking humbly with our God. Then it was off to the Orphanage for some more construction. On the schedule today was digging a somewhat shallow, but long trench for some plumbing pipes, as well as sorting/cleaning purple corn. The diggers were amazing and dug the trench quickly and with much skill! They had to get through cement that was poured last year as well as the sand and rocks…..As soon as it was dug, the pipe went in and then the sand had to be put back into the trench (What?!?!?!?)! But – it got accomplished before lunch! Meanwhile, in the front part of the Kimbro’s (the site directors) home there was a long room filled with purple corn that was not of good enough quality to sell. The task at hand today was the get the best (of the worst) corn left and carry it to another room, but before that could happen it had to be brushed (to remove mold, silk, maggots). The diggers came in at the end of the day and helped finish the corn work in impeccable time! From there we went to Por Venir Church for lunch. They had made the most delicious mashed potatoes, rice, chicken, and broccoli (with some chicha to drink)! After we ate we drove to an open air produce market and split into some groups to get some fruit to take to the garbage dump. Everyone got a good variety and enjoyed their first Peruvian “shopping experience” although there was some nervousness going in and communicating with the venders – everyone did an fantastic job utilizing the Spanish they knew (you should be proud of your kids)! From there we started the trek out to the dump. On the way Lisa talked to everyone about caring for the least of these and explained how important it was to focus on the things we have in common with these people, to love them, to talk to them, and to pray for them. There are really NO WORDS to describe what is experienced when going to the garbage dump. There are smells, flies, fires, dead animals….and PEOPLE who work, eat, and live there. We split into some smaller groups and set of in different directions to hand out our fruit we had purchased for these precious hardworking people. It’s really hard to walk up to someone you don’t know and have limited communication with, but we did it! We smiled at them, we asked their names, how they were doing, and tried to answer when they asked us questions. Deb and Jacob got to talk in depth with 2 women and pray with them, all your kids were walking up and talking to the people handing them fruit. One of the workers told one of us that it meant a lot to them that we would come out there and give them food, that we would take the time to talk to them. There was not a single person who I asked that was not okay, most of them said they were good, they were all happy to talk with us, they wanted to know about us, and when we were walking away and said God bless you, a lot of them would say “Yes, He does” or ”God bless you” too. Lisa was talking with a man who lives in the dump about poverty and and he told her he wasn’t poor, there were people out there poorer than he was…….after handing out the fruit we loaded back up on the bus and headed out to the home of Chi Chi. Chi Chi is a man that one of the Inca link interns lived with last year for several days, he wasn’t there but his wife was and she allowed us to walk around their property to get a better sense of how life around the dump is lived. Most of the kids went up in the house, several people got into one of the pig pens to see the baby piglets, there was a soccer game going on with the Peruvian kids (and I’m pretty sure the little kids schooled all the gringos who were playing). We gave Chi Chi’s wife some clothes to hand out, loaded up on the bus and came back to the guest house to get cleaned up for dinner. We had avocados, beet salad, chicken, and fries for dinner followed by some ice cream. After dinner we walked home (met Consuelo the churro lady for the second night in a row) and then settled in for debrief. It was a very quiet, very sober time. Everyone came up with one word to describe what they were thinking or feeling about the day. Mine was overwhelming. I was overwhelmed by the unfairness that these people live with everyday. Overwhelmed by their contentment, joy, and desire for relationship with us. Overwhelmed by the fact that it is only by God’s grace that it isn’t me living there (I was born in the USA – that’s the only difference between me and them). We talked about how this experience impacts our lives – how will we be changed? Who are the least of these at home in the states? Then we broke up into one on one groups and had some prayer time and just talked a little more in depth about our experiences so far. After that we came up stairs and started getting our VBS stuff ready for tomorrow. We’ve got construction in the am and then the Daycare after lunch. Everyone is pretty excited to get to spend some time loving on the kids tomorrow and they’re all in the other room laughing and talking – it’s a great sound and we really have an incredible team. So far we haven’t had anyone getting homesick and they’re all working really hard!

Here’s the run down: Deb – is an amazing leader! She’s always encouraging, making us laugh, and truly leading by example.

Kerry – also leads by example, often gives us some things to ponder, and works nonstop. He needs some prayer he’s fighting off an ear and a sinus infection, but seems to be on the upside at this point.

Jacob – has been blowing everyone away with his Spanish skills! He’s in the trenches giving the younger kids tips on what works best on breaking up the rocks and gravel, he tells stories and they all really look up to him!

Sarah Owens – is incredible creative and has had a ball today getting things ready for VBS, she’s been amazing at digging and has really done great sticking with whatever task she’s asked to do!

Anna – has been the leading author of a story that has been the focus of many giggling parties, and quotes. She’s a beast with a shovel and has joined the clean plate club!

Drew – is an incredibly hard worker and always has a smile on his face (even while sleeping on the bus)!

Brian – also works hard, laughs easy, and aside from anything green on his plate, is thoroughly enjoying dinner 🙂

Stephanie (an added member of the team) – has become like family to our team she fits in, laughs at everyone’s jokes and stories, and has really taken the time to get to know everyone.

All in all everyone is doing well, adjusting nicely, and getting along great! Please continue to pray for health and safety! We’ll be talking to you soon!

Here are a few pictures of what’s been going on….