Colombia – Day 1

March 16, 2014 at 3:40 am Categories: Asia Minor 2013

We made it to Colombia! We traveled for 19.5 hours, but we made it in with everything intact. It was such a blessing to have a smooth trip.

Today we got started bright and early by doing grounds keeping work here at the seminary campus where we are staying. Pulling weeds and clearing flower beds was number 1 priority, and we were successful. 

We then went into the city and saw the town a bit. It's an incredibly busy, bustling town full of color, sights, life.

We happened to get caught outside during a torrential downpour. That made for a slippery situation. 

It's also a city with great food, in which we were able to partake. 
It was a great day. Tomorrow we go to church. 
More pics to follow. 
Thanks so much to all for your prayers.