Guinea – Hope Clinic

Last Day at Hope Clinic

Well, we’ve finished our final day at Hope. Bittersweet. It’s good to be coming home, but at the same time it’s hard to leave here. For some of us who have returned to Hope – renewing friendships and making a few new ones; for those here for the first time – making new friends. Friends […]

Meeting our long lost ancestors

Today, we went to a chimp reserve, climbed some pretty stout hills and waited somewhat quietly to see some chimps. Actually, the trip confirmed in our minds that indeed an incredible creator made flora & fauna and even chimps to point to His glory. And as incredible as chimp-watching was, this week has been a […]

lost in space

Just sent in a blog posting but we lost connection. We will send you a post tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers!

“Jendi en Guinea”

For those French majors out there following the blog, forgive me if the title is not on spot, but you get the point. “Thursday in Guinea” marked the halfway mark for this unforgettable calling from the Lord for the entire team. We all wish we had eyes in the back of our heads so we […]

Surgery, Deliverance & the Bible Story in Our Time

The bleeding was brisk and there was no blood for transfusion … you probably think this is a story of operating theatre heroics, and it is, but before clamps and ligatures, the surgeons prayed, and with a Holy Spirit assist Dr. Mike Kirk and the team pulled a hot grounder out of the dirt and […]