Newsletter: June 16, 2017

  June 16, 2017 Don’t you love being able at times to just pick up your phone and “google it”? It’s truly amazing the information that is at our fingertips. But this can have a negative side to it. We start to think that we know or can know everything.  Our smartphone culture helps us […]

Newsletter: June 9, 2017

  June 9, 2017 Council in Columbus, OH … Every two years our denomination gathers to conduct our national business and rejoice in all God is doing. This was the largest attendance at any Council since our 100th anniversary in 1987. If you click on this link you can take in the highlights and catch […]

Newsletter: June 2, 2017

  June 2, 2017 LONGING FOR GOD? VERBALIZING MY BURDEN TO THE LORD? BREATH PRAYERS AT STOP LIGHTS CLOSED HANDS OPEN HANDS A DEEPER SENSE OF THE LORD’S PRESENCE These are a few of our take away points from our women’s retreat, “WITH,” on April 28th-29th.  Mary K. Petty, our speaker, challenged us to be […]

Newsletter: May 26, 2017

  May 26, 2017 In two weeks, 44 high school students and leaders will embark on a mission trip toWest Virginia. Together we came up with agroup covenant that will hold each of usaccountable on the trip. Here’s a quicksnippet…“During the trip I will:Serve in any way needed withoutcomplaining.Grow in faith and maturity.Work hard.Have patience, […]

Newsletter: May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017   John Wayne (aka The Duke) is that iconic American actor mainly known for playing the rough and tumble cowboy in dozens of films (142 overall!). He has so many great quotes in his movies, such as:    “Young fella, if you’re looking for trouble I’ll accommodate ya.” — True Grit “Slap some […]