Newsletter: August 18, 2017

  August 18, 2017 A Word to the Whole Alliance Family … Our President John Stumbo issued this press release of the racially charged events of recent days. I wanted you all to see it and join the Alliance family in prayer for our nation in these troubling times. Ah, August. The time of year where summer’s […]

Newsletter: August 11, 2017

  August 11, 2017 Dear First Alliance Family, What’s your middle name?  Some of us would be happy to share, while others would rather not! Our church is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance family.  And it’s our middle name that makes us distinctive – Missionary. We are passionate about the gospel of Jesus […]

Newsletter: August 4, 2017

  August 4, 2017 Have you ever watched an artist at work? We were privileged this week to watch a painter on the pier bring a picture in her mind to life. She started with a blank canvas, and not more than 30 minutes later, a beautiful sunset beach scene filled every space. Watching this process […]

Newsletter: July 28, 2017

  July 28, 2017 “This is the Word of God, and we believe it.” A strong statement like that deserves some thought. Recently, Jared Porter sent me a link for a video. Please watch it now, so that we can be on the same page before I proceed. Click here to watch the video. I […]

Newsletter: July 21, 2017

  July 21, 2017 Enjoying Jesus has been our theme of study for the ladies of FAC for the summer, and He has been showing us how to enjoy Him.  Sally Tandy, one of the leaders, shared that it has been about the grace of the Lord as He has been beckoning for her to […]