Newsletter: July 18, 2019

Newsletter July 18, 2019 “I forgive him. I just don’t want anything to do with him.” “I’m sorry I said that, but you ……” “We haven’t spoken in years.“ “There is just no way this marriage can be saved. Too much damage has been done.“ These are quotes from people in conflict who have shared their hearts […]

Newsletter: July 12, 2019

Newsletter July 12, 2019 On Monday, 47 middle school students will get to see their hard work come to life. Over the last 6 weeks they have been dreaming and preparing 4 days of Vacation Bible School for preschoolers. It is a remarkable process to watch. They choose the theme, the lessons, the crafts, the music, the games—everything!  […]

Newsletter: July 5, 2019

Newsletter July 5, 2019 In just 4 days, 10 adults, 42 students, and two 11-month-old twins will be on a plane bound for Orlando, Florida and the 2019 LIFE Conference.  Many of these students and leaders have been anticipating this trip for 7, 8, even 9 months. They’ve been socking away money, participating in fundraisers, […]

Newsletter: June 28, 2019

Newsletter June 28, 2019 The university where Brian (my husband) and I attended was a small Christian college that had an incredible community-like atmosphere. Most would joke and say it’s because it was located in the middle of a corn field (true) or that it was because there was really nothing else to do there but […]

Newsletter: June 21, 2019

Newsletter June 21, 2019 Sometimes it is good to move on from old traditions.  Like cutting your own hair. Or wearing clothes your mom embroidered with very cute patterns when you are in middle school.  Or wearing colorful socks that match the color of your shirt. I used to do two of these three things! […]